Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Installing the Hype called Oracle SOA Suite 11g -Part II

Continuing fromOracle DB creation and creating repository, in this post we would proceed with working on installation of the actual servers. 

Installing Weblogic Server

Initiate the installer oepe11_wls1031.exe, checkt he welcome screen

It is advisible to use your metalink user/password here, if you have one. But you may proceed without one as well.

Here we may choose to go with Custom install, but for a simpler option we would take typical,
Your MIDDLEWARE_HOME should contain both SOA_ORACLE_HOME and WEBLOGIC_SERVER_HOME, as per the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation planning guide.


Choose a shortcut location, and observe the installation summary.

And the install begins…
On a good day, you would see

I would ask you to restart once, after successful install.

Installing Java Access Bridge

Now you would be required to configure the Java Access Bridge

For this you need to download Java Access Bridge from the following URL

If you are installing on a Windows computer, you can install and configure Java
Access Bridge for Section 508 Accessibility:
1. Download Java Access Bridge from the following URL:
2. Install Java Access Bridge, using .exe file and use .zip file to copy the files below to specific directory.
3. Copy the access-bridge.jar and jaccess-1_4.jar files from your
installation location to the jre/lib/ext directory.
4. Copy the WindowsAccessBridge.dll, JavaAccessBridge.dll, and
JAWTAccessBridge.dll files from your installation location to the jre/bin
5. Copy the file to the jre/lib directory.

Installing SOA Server and BAM Server

To run the set up extract
Now switch to command prompt and 
E:\> cd E:\Software\ofm_soa_generic_11.\Disk1
E:\Software\ofm_soa_generic_11.\Disk1> setup.exe –jreLoc %JRE_HOME%

(JRE_HOME should have bin\java file)

This should start the Oracle Fusion Middleware installer screen

Ensure that you have ran RCU and installed Weblogic server. Click next.

Ensure that your pre-requisite check passes.

Install SP2 now and run the installer again to see that all the pre-requisites are met.



Specify the installation location


Install begins

The installation should finish gracefully


nj said...

Great Artile but it will be nice if you may elaborate on "Installing Java Access Bridge" as there are too many files with the same names used by you so can you be more specific. Secondly, jre is everywhere so can you be more specific on which jre directory should be used (JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME or WEBLOGIC_HOME)

mahakk01 said...

I have to say a very well written article. The steps mentioned for installing Weblogic server are excellent. The points given to install Java Access Bridge are also well written but due same naming convention its bit difficult to install it.
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