Friday, October 3, 2008

Why this blog?

My first post on this blog comes out of blue. I am not sure who this blog would cater to, and what subject would it specialize in.I believeblog should represent a person and should not be restricted to a particular subject, it is  a personal opinion that instead of having multiple blogs (which I earlier had), it is more manageable to have a single blog and let the labels classify the kind of entry you have in you blog site. 

This blog would act as a stage for me, a dias, where I can stand and shout what I want without caring if someone intends to listen. This place would be special, which would hold my views and my opinions on different subject matters at that instance of time including but not limiting to, psychology, phillosophy, my hobbies, the technologies, my collection, my observations of differents facets of life, personal, professional or otherwise. In short it would reflect the inner me.

I believe I would be able to steal some time to place in some or the other thing at least once a week.

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